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Lenka Armchair

Catching eyes with its aesthetic appearance, the Lenka Single Sofa brings the luxury style to your homes with its special design golden color stylish feet and decorative lines on it.

Lenka Chair

Having a perfect design with its glorious stance, the Lenka Chair changes the atmosphere of your living spaces. It displays a wonderful stance with its handwork quilted details and special design golden color feet. It also offers a variety of products in pink and white color options.

Lenka Sofa

The Lenka Sofa, drawing attention with its lean and elegant design, contributes to the aesthetics of your room with its special golden color arm structure and stylish pillows.

Lenka Console

Applying luxury style with a successful design, the Lenka Console brings elegance to your living spaces with the details on the covers, massive feet and golden color special design details.

Lenka Table

The Lenka table, which successfully appliesthe Luxury style, exhibits dignity in your living spaces. Its marble surface and the special design golden color feet display an eye-catching elegance.

Lenka Side Table

The Lenka Side Table which has an elegant look displays an eyeful beauty with its form and texture.

Lenka Dining Room Set

Combining brown and pink colors, the Lenka Dining Room offers a completely different experience further than you know. The design in which golden color is mainly used stands out with its special design table feet and marble surface